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September 14th, 2006 at 6:49pm]
[ mood | really happy ]

wow...so today when I was in my history class we started answering the question on the board (she likes us to start the class up with a mini essay) and we had to talk about different types of conflict and me being in my little office frame of mind I wrote down:

there are 5 stlyes of conflict...

1) lose lose
2) win lose
3) comprimise
4) win win
5) win win win

the girl sitting next to me was like wtf? win win win? and I laughed really hard...
share with me any of the other experiences you've had that reminded you of the office


June 24th, 2006 at 11:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

VOLCollapse )


May 24th, 2006 at 9:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

boring surveyCollapse )


January 13th, 2006 at 7:45pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i have already talked to kathy about my addiction. it seems as since i have learned how to do lj-cut i can't make a post without it!!! and anyone who doesn't use it when they should it's like "grrrrr"....so nervous ---> read more yoRead more...Collapse )

posting less and less [Wednesday
November 30th, 2005 at 4:32pm]
[ mood | wishing... ]

well my lj life is diminishing...fading away because i don't want to upset people with ridiculously long posts. i guess it is pretty much over...well now i am drawing amanda even though it really doesn't look like her. i am doing a dictator project. i like it because people that i always thought hated me can help me with things and do projects with me and the feeling is a little hard to explain. plus the one person in our group that isn't in band is trying out for WAVE...yay! the only thing is that lacey is mad and we still don't have a script.well i am getting out of skool early on friday to go to the football games.sorry if my post was too long...
i wish some things would go back to the way they were 2 weeks ago...


October 21st, 2005 at 11:28pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so anyways today was stressfull! in first block we got our tests back. i felt my heart leap when i found out i did better then mariah on the test. she is so smart/perfect/nice/mariah and i just wanted for once to beat her...ahahahaha i did it. then i started studying for the cheesin world history test. next was freshman seminar and i didn't sit beside kerri or on that side of the room b/c that roney kid came back so i was tied down to my "regular" seat. freshman seminar seems to get less and less interestig. ART!!! I lost my picture which was really kathy's and so i was having a panic attack so i kept trying to find it and i couldn't. wasn't in my locker or any of my classrooms. so then Amy told me to look in the pages of my notebook and so IT"S A MIRACLE....I FOUND IT!!!!! well world history that i had been dreading came and boy i was nervous. ok well i got there early and i was paranoid-so paranoid that i ripped the pages of my crossword puzzle apart...hehe i am a nerd! well then come to find out the whole time i had been studying the not important stuff that wasn't on the test so i was like grrrr....then the football game....

ahhhh well kathy came home with us-boy do i miss her mommy....boy do i love her company-We got there and after a long hard day of a bad side ponytail it got worse...and worse...and worse. ok well i got my flags and went out on the field. come to find out someone took my flag too and replaced it with a stinky weenie no stopper flag. well misty got mad b/c i left my tape at home so thankfully my savior kathy let me borrow hers. then i ran inside expecting to get a stopper but the door was locked so i scurried to find misty and she told me to find ms townsend so i ran and finnally got ms townsend and then went inside. as i ran back inside the stinkin side ponytail fell out and i lost my hair-tie...well i taped it up trying to usew minimal tape and then ran back outside...too much running. i got back to the field kinda in time...the show was kool. the inbetween was kool too. i sat near nick and he kept funny dsancin and etc. nyssa also sat behind me. i kinda halfway stepped on her instument...she hates me!!!she told me what she said her parents tell her if she breaks something it is hard to get trust back...then we threw popcorn..fun fun! iif i knew my poor bozzie was hurt i woulda come to her aid. oh wells....must get rest 4 2moro....

<3 Katy in the hood

October 19th, 2005 at 9:37pm]
what a day....gah. biology had to be the best class and it still was bluh! i moved so i didn't have to hear the people behind me continuously saying "katie" and it being another one. less confusion more happiness... anyways freshman seminar was ickish. we had a sub so we couldn't talk which means no questions. we were glued to our seats which meant we couldn't walk around or do anything mobile-no playing with the skeleton, no draing on the board...etc. so when coach T. came back this kid threw a paper airplane at me and so when i threw it back the teacher said that I'd go to choices if I threw it again and the other person didn't hear him so he threw it and it hit me in the head and all of a sudden the teacher stood up and said "you're going to choices". well then in mrs wertz class i had a mini panic attack b/c my lines were crooked and so amy had to help me. then then in WH honors we were trying to meditate and i kept asking questions and i started to feel sick because we had to describe bananas and i was like....eeeeew NASTY! and my tummy churned and i raised my hand and nuthin happened like he never called on me and so i said out loud mr byers... and the first thing he did when he heard my voice was pointed to the door and he said "go out in the hall" and i almost cried walking out of the room. I'm such a bad kid. I tried to saw sorry but sometimes sorry isn't good enough. well i have to go nighty night...
much <3
-Kit Kat-

October 18th, 2005 at 5:43pm]
[ mood | I DON'T KNOW!!!!! ]

Your death will be murder....Most likely because
your a very social person and everyone knows
you, but there is one person lurking in the
shadows that is so jealous of you or is so
obsessed they end up killing you...There are
many ways of being murdered...it depends on the
person, but your death will either be slow and
painful (like being stabed to death) or quiek
and painless (like a gunshot to the head).

How Will You Die And Why? .:Beautiful Dark Pics:.
brought to you by Quizilla

hehe kathy and i got the same. when i looked at all the possible results and i saw someof the other ones i figured maybe i'll die of either "none of the above" or a mixture of about 3. i was lookin and maybe murder, maybe being unloved, maybe jealousy. i would hope it to be none of the above. i have been thinking about death alot lately. it was weird that this quiz came along....i don't know but i was talking to people on friday and we were talking about death. i told them i wasn't afraid of dying. i think that way i wanna die is either saving someone's or dying. i had a dream that someone (will not say names) needed a bone marrow transplant and i was the only blood match. it was weird because when i gave the transplant they went in and took out part of the inside of my bone and put it in the other person. i ended up dying right in the middle of the opertaion and when they tried to wake me up i had already passed. i think the reason why it had something to do with the whole transplant thing was because when i die i rwally wanna be an organ donor. if i die before i am 16 you all who are reading this will be my witnesses and i want you all to know that i want my life to be meaningful even after i die. the second reason why i may have had this dream is that i have been wondering about heaven. with all this talk about religion in history i think i am curious to see what heaven looks like or if the jesus i believ in really is the chistos that there is historical data on.

ahhhhhh. but enough death talk i think i wanna talk more about my day. life is so agravating. i used to be happy-ish most all of the time. now matt says since i turned 13 my horomones are going wackyfied and that's why i am acting so crazy. maybe he's right...no idea? well anyways with the whole situation with the person and the person i said i was sorry and i thought that they both forgave me and today this morning in biology i was told by katie ransom that the one person who is more of my friend said that he was still mad. so i was slightly upset until break and then i talked to him and he said he wasn't....gah. i hate things like this. i started hypervenhalating today...AGAIN. i thought i lost my crossword puzzle but i really didn't so i don't know what the cheese happened buti ended up finding it. then lunch-grrrrr! i went into the lunch room slightly late because i was talking to matt and when i got into the cafeteria my spot was taken by kathy. her spot was taken my melissa. that was annoying so i sat in brians and brian sat in andrews and andrew sat in meredith's and meredith was smushed in between crystel and andrew till crystel left and then bethany came.gah it was so annoying because hannah is such a hypocrite. she tells me to be quiet etc. and then she tells me i talk about it too much. so then when she talks about it she thinks it's ok. age is not a facotr. but brains are. why do you think i am in 9th grade. obviously not because i was born in 1990! i think i know what i am talking about. when kathy was gone samantha was telling me that i had to be my own person and stuff. then she tells me that i have to act my age. i can act my age and the same person i am inside and she still isn't satisfied. she was gettin ticked at me because she said i was set wrong and so when i challenged her snd said i was behind lacey sghe said i couldn't rely on the bands. then emily said to get a drill book and when she did she found i was right and she was wrong....ooooh you got told! that's what i ideally shoulda said. but instead ashley said i was timid and i should have been meaner. ashley told me she'd stand up for me the next time they said anything that unless they had a drill book in their hand or they were a capitan that they didn't have the authority to boss me around. specially if they were first years!!! oh well i have to go do my homework...ttyl


buh bye.

thought for the day: "do not be afriad of death...be afraid of an unlived life"


goodness [Sunday
October 16th, 2005 at 7:51pm]
[ mood | she's home she's home ]

YAY kathy's home and i just got all my presents. i like practically attacked her at the door. i was having kboz withdrawl. i got a piggy bank, a pig radio(i'm listening right now), a pair of socks, a necklace, and a keyring. the necklace and keyring have chester the squirrel on it and he is saying bite me...hehehe. well i gave her the metal fish and her homework. gah i am so happy she's back...well g2g work on a paper...buh bye

YAY [Saturday
October 15th, 2005 at 11:59pm]
[ mood | YAY....IT'S MY BDAY ]

guess what guess what guess what....TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! well patty came in my room this morning and was like "are you ready to ramba..." and so we got up put onj masks and danced around the house like we were at a fiesta--like casey said i'm crazy. usually i wake up to my mommy saying "good morning sweetie...happy birthday" (yea only on my bday) and then i go to skool but since 2day was saturday i could do more stuff ansd have time. but then i opened my presents while eating a biscuit fro breakfast...i was so excited i got rainbows.....AHHHH!!! then i went to the band competition. btw we got our uniforms....yayayayayay! they r cool-well i like 'em. when my mommy pulled up mrs. wanda wouldn't move her big hiney outa the way of the car circle. she was talkin to another band mom and they were just standing there and then she acted like she never saw us and yea...grrr. my mom was askin me if she should gun it. shirene came to the competition sick...again. oh wells. i was workin the concessions. oh yea...caitlin came back to visit. well anyways when i was workin at the concesions maggie kept comin over to the line and sayin hi and jessica got mad and told her to go away. she came back like 5 times....hehe. jessica was not happy. then the middle skool preformed. they were not even trying to be on step but just "taking a walk in the park" on ther field. to top it off they were talking. they also put their music on the ground and they were staring at it and they ntes were still off. only middle school i guess. oh yea and they got free drinks and we got squat. we had to stand there and just keep getting drink orders. my hand went numb from reaching in the ice over nad over. then i got so thirsty i got ice from the coolers....so nasty b/c i thought about it and peoples had put their dirty hands in there...GROSS. then i got some clean ice and while i turned around so person in the middle school band put his hand in my ice and threw it at this girl...immature! i stopped trying to get ice. shirene sent ryan to mcdonalds to get drinks there and then mr. naessens got mad and said it was a slap in the face that they got concessions somewhere else. aye yaye yaye. people kept sayin happy bday. even tia. well i left after that and went to seasons buffet with my family. my grandparents h ated it but it was okie dokie. the brownies were yucky blucky. well we came back home to eat my ice cream cake. then i opened presents and when i opened up one box i saw it. AN IPOD MINI. AND IT WAS PINK!!!! i just about had a heart attack. eeeeeeek. i know kathy thinks they're overrated but i was so happy i stopped breathing. well after my grandparents left i wanted to go back to the festival and so we went back and stayed till 10 o clock. twas fun. patty and my mom watched the bands while i mingled. the i came back here and got a call from windy. she's trying to mooch off of me. she is trying to sell her artwork so she put the name of her blog. if any of y'all wanna check it out go to the xtra long post about drugs etc and look at the comments...it's at the end. she was tellin me about the iPod and just talkin. she has been readin my lj. no prob...idc really. well i g2g


btw kathy...i'm missin ya


really sorry [Tuesday
October 11th, 2005 at 7:32pm]
[ mood | upset ]

kboz...i am so sorry. i know how bad you feel. it has been a while since i lost my grandma-in fact almost 7 years. i am upset you won't be there on my bday but that just means we can celebrate it in our own time...maybe a sleepover in order??? bella is staring at me. like she knows something is wrong. they will miss seeing you every morning...i went by all ur teachers to get work. i know this is rolly one of the last things you'll wanna ear but...
nebrig gave you no homework, mr rogers left b4 i could find him, mrs wertz wants you to bring in a picture of a seascape/landscape/close up photo in nature and some design an ad, mrs wrenn gave you many worsheets and you will be reading the oddysey and you have a test due monday....i will try to talk to you about it later. i wanna bring you up to date in wave
-i tripped over the cd player
-the janitors kicked me out of D building
-i couldn't find jessica and shirene when they dissapeared
-caletha came to practice and she tried to tell jessica naessens off *will elaborate!!!!
-travis popped up outa nowhere. he drove his car up and bam he was there....scary huh?
-misty didn't come-what else is new?
-jessica naessens said that misty was bein mean yesterday *SUPRISE SUPRISE*
-we got yelled at b/c our angles
-caroline was askin essica why she didn't have to practice with us and why she got to watch and jessica flat out told caroline she wasn't good and that jessica was...wowie zowie

prolly more but not stuff you wanna hear about...but anyways about the caletha thing caletha told jessica she didn't know the dance and so jessica refused to teach her b/c caletha was being ugly and wanted jessica harvey to teach her. then caletha got mad and said the reason why she never knew was b/c jessica never taught her and that she might not go to the exibition on saturday is someone doesn't teach her. so jessica said she would and caletha got an even worse attitude and refused to learn. calehta was like" welll i'll make it up and do my own thing".... oh yea this whole time ms. naessens is standing right there...hmmmm?


gangster [Monday
October 10th, 2005 at 6:47pm]
[ mood | slight headache ]

yo yo yo. yo mamma. you better reconize! yea yeauh. we straight.
b/c I'm katy in the hood
I'm a gangsta now
I'm thinking of taking pirate as a second languege-hehe
well today was okie dokie. PAJAMA DAY! I wore my froggy slippers. then we had to go to ACC. i guess it was ok...more on the boring side! lol. WAVE was interesting. both the jessica's are power hungery over the other one. jessica naessens ket saying she felt like she was co captain and jessica harvey says that jessica naessens thinks she's special. idk. not picking sides...but i am a gangste! oh yea give kathy her props with her danicing. she'll prolly right about it in her lj...i don't wanna spoil it but she wajammin. i found shirod's myspace-that was random but i figured kboz would care.well we heard the tape of criticsm. she wasn't a very god judge. lol. oh well. must go. ttyl

-btw please think of mayatt and his family


October 9th, 2005 at 11:21am]
[ mood | WAVE GOT 1st ]

OMG WE GOT FIRST IN EVERYTHING BUT MUSIC-but who cares about music really. it looked really bad so I don't know how we could pull it together. yesterday all in all was good. kinda. fights were resolved and competitions won. it was also fun fun on the bus ride...katy in the hood. sloppy joe sat right behind me and he was having a hair fettish. he kept touching matt's, mine, and even tried to touch dusty's hair...lol. he is funny funny! ah well. oh and we listened to backsteet boys and brittney spears. shu lang told maggie to shut up...lol...i am glad someone did.naw really it was fun. and mayatt could be the next jesse mcartney. kathy's bus sounded hectic...ah well. seemed like she and valerie were havin fun. poor valerie had a head ache. so did matt but it suprisingly went away right after they said wave and everything but music got 1st. i was so excited i almost hugged brian. instead maggie was there. but anywho i have to work on a stinkin baroque art paper so i g2g.

btw is scouts really today?


October 7th, 2005 at 5:35pm]

K is for Keen
A is for Altruistic
T is for Temperamental
H is for Helpful
R is for Rebellious
Y is for Young
N is for Nutty
B is for Brilliant
L is for Loud
Y is for Yummy
T is for Thrilling
H is for Hot
E is for Enchanting


... [Friday
October 7th, 2005 at 5:16pm]
[ mood | hehe... ]

flipping...well u certainly have made some improvement...i guess? i don't have to say names even though i do b/c everyone knows already so why does it matter? cough cough the competition will be so much fun fun fun...waiting for my mom to come home. i bet "that girl"'s mom knows all about it. iu am not ashamed. it is a misunderstanding on her part. i never came out a said her shoes were ugly. dumb thing for someone to stop talking to me for huh. well she pick her battles "wisely" too bad she picks all of them. she can never agree to disagree. she bad mouths my friends. at least i respect her friends. she calls liz 2 faced and then what does she do but eat lunch with her and talk to her almost the whole time b/c she doesn't wanna talk to me or my other friends...haha! it cracks me up..must go...prolly will come back later...


gah [Friday
October 7th, 2005 at 4:09pm]
[ mood | thinking ]

some people are so hypocritical...since kathy is so much better then me she wouldn't even tell me if her mom was still pickin up...and when we rode the bus home she has to tell cameo in advance to sit with her...just so she's not alone-god forbid! she talks about solitude but can't deal with it in real life. like one of those people who says things to tick people off on the internet (why would she still have kelsey's sn?) and then can't tell that person in real life. to her AIM can be used to make her more then she is if she gets picked on or if nobody speaks to her.lol. it is funny how some people do that. oh well. fun fun will come 2moro...mayatt....bus....PURE FUN. oh yea: "valerie is like my best friend. gah i love her" i can barely get that out of mouth without laughing...hehe. those words-too funny.oh well....g2g. buh bye

btw pray for people who are needing help in their social life. a certain one i mentioned in the above text and any others you may know. pray to god that they find friends and that they don't use other substances or profanity to get away.


THE GIRL WHO WILL BE GETTING RAINBOWS FOR HER BDAY.....which happens to be in 8 days

btw kathy you need to expand ur vocabulary to more words then the "f" word.
Main Entry: 1f***
Pronunciation: 'f&k
Function: verb
Etymology: akin to Dutch fokken to breed (cattle), Swedish dialect fokka to copulate
intransitive senses
1 usually obscene : COPULATE -- sometimes used in the present participle as a meaningless intensive
2 usually vulgar : MESS 3 -- used with with
transitive senses
1 usually obscene : to engage in coitus with -- sometimes used interjectionally with an object (as a personal or reflexive pronoun) to express anger, contempt, or disgust
2 usually vulgar : to deal with unfairly or harsh

there it is for you. think b4 you write b/c how much u wanna bet u'd be too afraid to say it in front of ur mom or patty. they both read it.


October 6th, 2005 at 9:24pm]
[ mood | hahahahaha ]

some people blow things WAY ou tof proportion. people who say they "really don't care about what people think and that they wanna be their own person" and uh yea....I'm going to the homecoming show. sein emily apple and a few others. 2moro will be a good day. saturday even better. mauahahahahaha. i am bad to the bone...windy's on the phone...ttyl


goodness gracious [Thursday
October 6th, 2005 at 8:46pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well today was good...until lunch. come to find out my bus has been chosen for me. i was crushed....yet again i find myself on the "senior" bus. oh well... that changed. i am watching survivor. brooke's gotta be the one to leave...ah band was interesting. it seemed to go by so slow. kathy was mad at me b/c i accidentally called her shoes ugly. actually i said they weren't the prettiest shoes in the world. then her comeback was "well they're prettier then ur sperrys and i payed less for them" when i told matt he was like "she pulled the money card...lol" we were like ha. and then jessica asked me why kathy and i weren't talking and i told her exactly how it happened. she agress on how stupid t is to fight over prettier shoes. shirene said that if her bf told her her shoes were ugly she'd take a hint. shoes how good of friends we are. kathy always seems irritated all the time. everything i say get the reply of "whatever" she always seems defensive. the fact that she "isn't feeling well" gives her no exscuse. even her mom says that if ur sick it doesn't give you the right to be mean to peoples...oh well. idc. it may be better off if we aren't friends. she must need space b/c she used to tell me she went to homeroom and then when i saw her by B building i was like whoa. i took the hint. i am ignoring her. watch--prolly 2moro she'll say i am tired of us not talking. i don't think i'm ready for a friendship like that. oh well. i g2g 2 bed...even though it's not "6:30" i'm still tired.
night night

... [Thursday
October 6th, 2005 at 6:32am]
[ mood | being my normal self ]

it's going to ba a beautiful day...it's a beautiful day un the neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor....won't yiu be mine? lalalala. well I have to go get ready for skool...ttyl at the end of skool...
buh bye

feel better [Wednesday
October 5th, 2005 at 6:53pm]
it's not about winning, it's about fun!
what's that?
fun is when you... sorta like.... fun is about... what is fun? here. let me spell it for you.
Chorus: spongebob
F is for friends who do stuff together
u is for you and me
n is for anywhere and anytime at all
down here in the deep blue sea
f is for fire burning the whole town!
u is for uranium...... bombs
n is for no survivors!
plankton! those things aren't what fun is all about! do it like this!

f is for friends who do stuff together
Plankton, interrupting:
no! that's completely idiotic!
here, let me help you.
Chorus, spongebob:
f is for friendsa who do stuff together
u is for you and me, try it!
Plankton finishs:
n is for anywhere and anytime at all
down here in the deep blue sea!
wait. i don't understand this. i feel all tingley inside. should we stop?
no! that's how you're supposed to feel!
well, i like it. let's do it again!
Spongebob and plankton:
f is for frolick through all the flowers
u is for ukelele
n is for nose-picking, cherry gum and sand licking
here with my best buddy!

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